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The world is full of Google experts 

The vast number of executives I speak with regarding marketing and promoting websites and SEO Search Engine Optimisation have one thing in common ... they are victims to 'The Dabbler'.

The Dabbler, spends too much time in internet chat rooms and website marketing forums picking up tips and sharing search engine tricks with other dabblers.

They mess about with the websites and effectively cost the business dearly because they use free questionable advice and cheap tactics.
The truth is that optimising your website for search engines is important if you want an online business, it isn't quick nor easy and it is a large and daunting task.

The Dabbler will tell you it is easy and indeed actually believes it is easy, he'll tell you to save your marketing budget because he can do it.

One of the biggest myths out there is that IT experts understand website marketing.
A genuine IT pro will admit that internet market is not directly connected with IT.

The best advice I can give is for you read these top ten tips to search engine success and then make a commercial decision whether it is far more cost effective to let an internet marketing expert do the job or let The Dabbler follow these instructions ... but beware, The Dabbler may already know these ... and knows better!

Tip Number One
Cheaters Never Prosper!
How many internet advertisements have you received like this;
"Secrets they don't want you to see", "Top Ten Positions Guaranteed", “Tricks That Google Can't Stop”.
Then the chat room experts, have you asked yourself, if they are so good, why are they spending time in chat rooms sharing internet marketing tricks?

One expert suggests one trick, and another Guru will argue why it doesn't work, but he knows a trick that is guaranteed to succeed.
Learn and practice professional techniques.

Tip Number Two
META tags are not as important today as they were last year and Google takes little or no notice of keywords in META tags.

Tip Number Three
We all know we need keywords within our website but many of us don't know how and where to use them. Equally, we have a totally different idea of what our 'real' keywords are. Many of us are guilty of 'vanity searches'. This is where we type in what we think our most popular keyword is to see where we rank in Google. The reality is that it is only us and our competitors that type in those keywords – real prospective customers have a very different agenda.

Tip Number Four
Learn your target search engines algorithm. Google in particular adjusts its algorithm on a regular basis. Chat room gurus and dabblers think that Google changes the algorithm to stop them beating Google. Ego is fantastic ! Google changes algorithms as an ongoing process of improvement. It just happened to be that as soon as you think you understand it, bosh! It has changed again. Snakes and ladders!!

Tip Number Five
Examine your log files on a regular basis. If you don't know where to find them, ask your ISP. Log files will look confusing but keep studying them because they will provide a lot of 'secret' information relating to site traffic.

Tip Number Six
Treat every page as a different website. Optimise every page and double check your keyword weight and density.

Tip Number Seven
ALT tags are still important, they were initially designed for those who had very slow internet speeds and those that opted out of showing images in the dim and distant past. Now they provide a platform for keywords ..use them!

Tip Number Eight
Link effectively, not just to other sites but to other pages and ensure you use keywords to link.

Tip Number Nine
Avoid code bloat. It sound like a disease and it is! - It is like 'over egging' an omelette, over over engineering. Too much unnecessary coding clogs the routes for spiders to crawl your site.

Tip Number Ten
Don't SPAM. Spamming isn't just about sending unsolicited email, websites that are 'tweaked' to trick search engines are also considered 'spamming'.


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