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The world is full of SEO experts 

My website promotion strategies work and work very well indeed, so I guard them! I respect the rules and regulations of each search engine and do not try to 'pull the wool over their eyes' with the amateur tactics practiced by many self proclaimed websites marketing consultants...and the dabbler in the office that spends too much time in website marketing chat rooms frequented by other dabblers.

News is an excellent platform, take a look at, a powerful news release and e-pr system. The website explains the method in full detail. Do not confuse this with 'blogs'. two totally different things.

I can create a tailor made strategy for your business or indeed slot you into a ready made campaign, not all internet marketing strategies work for all businesses, so it is important that I learn about you and your business. I encourage prospective clients to call me or send me their contact details for a chat - without a sales pitch!

I have created an incredible and very powerful system of delivering customers to you via your website. It's not a 'pie in the sky' advertisement, nor anything like you have seen - but it can generate a lot of business for you.

Full details can be seen on but I'll explain it a little here before you take a few minutes looking at the website where I genuinely prove how I can help you.. I’m also happy to talk to you if you so wish. I've been marketing and promoting businesses for a twenty odd years and have been involved in the Internet since 1996. – I’ve been quoted as a ‘marketing genius’!

I'd like to work with you to prove I can develop a separate marketing arm for your business and once in place can be left to organically grow and continue to divert clients from your competitors to you. It doesn’t effect your website or anything you do with it.

It gives you an unfair advantage over your competition and generally brings to you those who are in the market for your services. What's more the cost is very low and you are not committed to any ongoing fees. I personally created and developed it, it is not overseas hype and it will catch on like wildfire, imitated and diluted by others very soon, so it is worth getting in right now.

I want to create a limited portfolio of websites that will prove the power and success of this system. It gives you the opportunity to allow me to market and promote your website at relatively low costs – and I need to work hard for you to get your site in an enviable position to prove the system works – a real win-win deal!

This is how it works

Forget search engine submissions and so called 'Wizards' that guarantee top-level rankings - they can't work because the sellers make the same guarantee to everyone and everyone can't be at the top! I am and I can prove it. My view was that very soon the present system would collapse, indeed the big search engines are now asking for fees from commercial businesses to secure early positions but favouring some sites that don’t pay them.

Now let's go back to the early days of the Internet and look at why it was set up. It was intended to be The Information Super Highway. Commerce quickly saw the potential and cashed in. Top search engines are striving to lead the Information Super Highway and now suggest that if you as a business want to get high rankings you must pay. Non-commercial sites however don’t – and this is where you and I could work together to raise the profile of your website by diverting potential customers from your competitors.

Let’s look at the two elements in getting your site in the top search engines. One element is by constantly submitting your site to the search engines and you may have already discovered that it isn’t easy – especially when you are among several million per day doing the same as you! The other element is by being lucky enough for the ‘robots’ and ‘spiders’ to find you, it is easier than submitting, but if you are not in the right place, you won’t be found! It can be quicker to reach high rankings by being found, than you submitting your site – but how do you get found? I have established routes that spiders and robots take when seeking sites – so I can get you found!

There are other ways too. For instance, you may have noticed that many non-commercial sites reach the top of the search engines first. The two main reasons for this are based on information and more information.

As I said earlier, the top search engines are in the business of providing information – not providing free marketing for webmasters! So even some very poor sites can reach the top whilst your own may be professionally designed but languishes elsewhere. – Enter myself.

I write what appears to be a third party report relating to your industry – not a flag waving exercise for your company. The report contains strategically sited keywords and phrases.

There are a great many stages next which greatly enhance your chances of being found – after all anyone can write a report – but getting it favoured by search engines is a different matter and the author needs to understand the search engines criteria, ethos and indeed quirks.

Ethics and compliance are the most important ingredients – providing the search engines with what they are looking for.

You may have heard of ‘popularity links’ – some top search engines will give a higher ranking to those sites that have a greater number of popularity links. These are ‘inbound’ links, which means other sites that are so impressed by your site that they create links from their own site to yours. So in theory, the search engines are saying “ if your site is popular, we’ll help make it more popular – if it isn’t., sorry down the ranks you go!”

Whilst you have been reading this I’m sure you may have thought “ I can do that, why do I need a marketing expert? “ well, it is a little of ‘don’t try this at home’ syndrome because I know my business, I only carry out internet marketing and nothing else, it is cost effective enough to allow you to get on with your business whilst I assist in marketing and promoting yours. If you have read this far, I’ve kept your attention because I am a marketing expert and I can do it for you.

I only deal with one or two new clients per week. The Internet is a powerful thing but right at the beginning I need to have a chat with you. Please feel free to email me on with your contact details, or call me on 01727 825999 and don’t forget to look at my website on .

It really is worth having a chat with me before someone else in your industry does


The World is full of online marketing consultants and


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