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The Magic Powers of Internet Marketing & SEOís
By Peter Yexley


There is no doubt that many so-called Google Experts, Website Gurus and SEOís would like you to believe that their search engine optimisation skills are such that they dabble in the dark arts of website marking.

The reality is that, I and other internet marketing experts have no control over Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask or any other Search engine.

Letís be logical here. If I could take any keyword and manipulate any search engine to place a website of my choice at the number one position in any search engine, I would be writing this article on the beach of my own private island.

I receive calls every day from clueless telephone canvassers promising me, nay, GUARANTEEING me that coveted number one position but they donít know who I am and have been referred to me by my client. They guarantee everyone that same number one position too! When I ask them how they can guarantee this, they tell me they have a special deal with Google.

Thatís the time to put the phone down on them because nobody has any special relationship with any search engine when it comes to top positions unless of course they are buying sponsored links such as Adwords, and that is a totally different ball game and one that Iím not going to get into right now.

The next time you receive a sales pitch from some SEO company or internet marketing expert, please remember that no website marketer can control or influence your position in any search engine. It would be interesting to see where their own websites are placed in Google.

So why deploy the skills of a website marketing expert? What can an experienced SEO bring to the party? Ė In a word EXPERIENCE.

Iíve been marketing websites since 1994. As an internet marketer for fifteen years or so I have the knowledge of what search engines are looking for when they index and rank websites. Without this knowledge, the only thing that will get you in the top ten of Google is pure luck.

I hate to pee on anybodyís parade but here is a list of things that website marketing experts have no control over, regardless of how good their sales pitch is and how convincing their facts and figures are.

Nobody can predict the number of hits you will achieve nor when you will see the rankings that you wish. Bear with your SEO expert and take guidance because if you are seeking high search engine rankings with very competitive keywords and phrases it isnít going to happen for three months at least, more if you have a newly launched or redesigned website. Be realistic and consider lowering your values in keywords until your website is established, then raise the bar.

Nobody can control how many people visit your website, even if you buy Ďtrafficí. Search engine optimisation has nothing to do with delivering traffic, this is a bi-product of successful website marketing and there is a process in order to attract traffic. It starts with optimising your website so that it is found quickly and easily. Once found in the search engines or other methods of marketing and promoting websites, then and only then will people come.

The old saying ďYou can only lead a horse to water but you canít make it drinkĒ is so true in the case of website marketing. If your website isnít geared to selling properly and professionally then all the website marketing experts in the world cannot make a website visitor pull out their credit card and buy from you.

A website marketing expert may rescue your business if your problems are internet based but donít expect to grow your entire business from just hiring an SEO expert or internet marketer. If you are expecting your business to grow just from the efforts of your newly appointed internet marketing expert then you might want to rethink your strategy. Search engine optimisation works best when many different plates are spinning. Imagine if there was no internet, how would you market your business? Donít rely on one guy that might be a Google expert and donít put your eggs in one basket whilst waiting for the search engine optimisation efforts alone to kick in and grow your business.

Hopefully you now have a better insight into the world of search engine optimisation and website marketing. It all really comes down to understanding exactly the type of relationship that you are looking for with you website marketing expert. The bottom line is this; be realistic with your website expectations and diversify your online and search engine marketing efforts ... keep those plates spinning!

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