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Quick easy tricks to get high rankings in Google

Most webmasters want very quick and easy solutions, not only do they want to get high rankings in Google, they want these rankings now.

To satisfy this demand there are so-called SEO experts that offer quick and easy website marketing solutions with magical fixes forsmall money. They claim to have internet promotional skills that will bring your website in Google's top 10 results quickly and easily.

Cheapest Ways to get to Number One in Google

Are these methods really good and can you afford the risk?

Let's take a look at five popular methods offered by some SEO consultants. Before you embark upon any of the website optimisation tactics - read the entire article, don't rush in!

1. Hidden text in your website
Here's a quick SEO trick if you want to get high rankings for a particular keyword that you might not want people to see. Especially if you don't want to change your web pages, all you need to do is hide keyword rich text on your web pages. How? Use white text on a white background or black text on a black back ground. Search engines can see all your magic keywords but humans can't ...very cunning! Or use CSS to hide text areas and even more cunning fill HTML comments with keywords, etc.

2. Cloaking web pages
This might sound very technical but I'll explain it in simple terms. Cloaking is as the name implies, it 'cloaks' text and allows you to deliver different web pages to search engines than those seen by website visitors. Confused? Your website visitors would see your normal web pages but the search engine spiders are redirected to keyword rich web pages that are stuffed with all those keywords that are intended to flood your website with so much traffic that your bank manager will take you out for lunch.In short, cloaking is an easy way to provide search engines with lots of content without changing your normal web pages.

3. Steal contents from other websites
'Content Is King' - that's the chant of many a copywriter. Search engines need content to help index your website. If your competitors are number one and have paid a fortune to a very skilled writer, why not nick it? - Just copy and paste the text into your website.

4. Deal with link farms
Buying links from link farms provide a quick way to get many links to your website. Stop wasting time developing natural link partnerships with proper related websites.

5. Buy website traffic
Website traffic is cheap to buy. Some internet auctions sell hundreds and thousands, even millions of visitors that will visit your website and traffic is fairly cheap.

Quick and easy website marketing tricks can become extremely expensive!

I sincerely hope that you didn't go away and implement any of the above before reading the entire article.
The above mentioned methods will get your website banned from Google's search result pages sooner or later. You may see short term results very quickly with these SEO tricks, but it is only a matter of time before your website will be penalized for using these spamming methods.

Ethical search engine optimisation takes some time but will produce much better results than dodgy quick fix solutions.

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