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Has Google Penalised Or Banned My Website?

Not too long ago was your site fairly high in Google rankings and now it ranks very low?

If the Google rankings of your website have dropped and you don't know why, there are several reasons why your web site is being penalised.

1. 'You've been riding on the crest of a wave!'
Complacency is one of the biggest culprits - Often when things are looking good, we think they are here to stay and relax a little, but if your Google results are satisfactory and you don't maintain them, they will drop.
Website optimisation is an ongoing process; it can be close to a full time job.

Don't get caught in the trap of cheap DIY SEO (search engine optimisation) because you are at risk of diverting your business management time towards tweaking the website and losing money as well as causing further search engine problems.

2. Your competitors have deployed the skills of a search engine expert.
When you were up there basking in website success, your competitors weren't complacent and they contacted a website marketing expert.

Be mindful that you are not the only one who wants to get high rankings in Google. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constant battle. Your competitors might have done something better than you or, you are out of date with your website work.

The Things you did that brought your website to the top of Google in the past might not work anymore today. Get up to date quickly.

3. Google has changed its algorithm.
There is a cyber myth that Google changes its algorithm to trick professional search engine experts. The truth is; Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve its own system and maintain its position at the top of preferred search engines.

It is likely that one of the latest changes has affected your website. Google changed its algorithm almost 500 times in one year, and nearly forty times in one month.

If you, or your in-house website guru relies on information from chat rooms and forums, take caution because; A: you don't really know how old the information is and B: how competent the 'guru' is. It is questionable why such experienced search engine experts have sufficient time on their hands to share their secrets of success!

4. Your server rejects Google's spider
If you have an in-house website tweaker, or you DIY SEO find out if you have installed a new robots.txt file and if it allows Google to index your website. Also find out if your htaccess file has been changed. Finally check to see of someone has recently installed a spam bot blocker?

If the latter is the case, are you 100% sure that the spam bot blocker allows Google to your website? Google uses different IP addresses for different spiders, consequently some spam blockers might accidentally block one of the spiders. This might also appear to be cloaking in Google's eyes.

What you can do to solve that problem:
Double check the settings in your robots.txt file, your htaccess file and your spam bot blockers. If possible, avoid bot blockers because they might send the wrong bots away.

Your other options are; DIY or call a UK website marketing consultant - try Peter Yexley 01727 825 999


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