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Peter Yexley started his career in marketing in the early 70's. He moved from Yorkshire to London in 1980 and entered the world of publishing and marketing (good old fashioned ink on paper). From his involvements grew quite an impressive list;

The first London Marathon,
Raising of The Mary Rose,
Prince Charles & Princess Diana's Royal Wedding
Fireworks Display, Hyde Park
The Falklands Campaign - England Salutes Our Task Force,
The Royal Poppy Ball
Battle of Britain D-day Celebrations
The Berkley Square Ball
Tower Bridge Walkway Opening

Many Royal Premieres

In the early 1990's Peter became a director of a British plc and by 1994 began to explore and experiment with the new internet industry. He could foresee the impact that the internet would have on the commercial world and the power it will gain when the population was ready for such a new and very confusing system of information exchange.

Peter Yexley is a genuine UK Internet Marketing Pioneer.

That dim and distance past was a challenging time for anyone in the internet industry, Peter Yexley and a few others were Internet Pioneers and no matter how excited, enthusiastic and ambitious they were, few listened - the world was not ready for the world wide web.

Modems were slow, sites were painfully slower and left a lot to be desired in terms of design, structure and navigation. The DOT COM era was a mere flicker away. By 1996 Peter Yexley saw the emergence of website wizards the inevitable instant website designers.

He likened it to the Californian Gold Rush of 150 years ago, he didn't want to be a miner, a gold digger or any other form of prospector. This wasn't a case of being afraid of hard work, but rather a case of seeing the opportunity in providing the tools, facilities and all important back-up, all of which were totally necessary to each and every gold digger... and did those gold diggers arrive?, accompanied by the cowboys! Peter Yexley set up his stall and provided the back-up, experience and facilities.

Domain names were expensive and free ones were long and clumsy, search engines were few and quite easy to get listed.(Google never existed!) Everyone took advantage of the magic tricks, blinking text, spinning globes, gory backgrounds and really bad graphics - the bad taste websites arrived!

Still resisting the urge to join the ranks of website designers, Peter could see another level, born from those unfortunate casualties of the cowboys and gold diggers. He started The Web Doctor. okay you can call it 'ambulance chasing' but someone had to do it ! The Web Doctor still operates (pardon the pun) even today more than a decade later.

The idea behind The Web Doctor was that in many cases businesses still could not see this powerful marketing opportunity but accepted that they needed a website because the media and government kept telling them so.. From this fell three types of victim, those who paid massive amounts of money and got very amateur websites, those that paid very little for amateurs to create websites, and those that chose the DIY method.

By this time e-commerce was really growing and more and more websites were being added to the world wide web. Real website designers were common and Yellow Pages finally added a new section !! (That was a breakthrough - and a battle Peter Yexley fought and won !!!)

The Web Doctor was making websites better, Peter added hosting to his business and began providing low cost domains. It was excellent for those who were paying far too much for their websites and receiving little or no service. Many cowboys were leaving the wild west internet frontier to sell other new trends and leaving even more casualties - The Web Doctor was busy.

Peter Yexley added to his business, this was to be the hub of his internet marketing business. Real marketing experts don't sit on their backsides, and real pioneers like Peter Yexley forge new avenues constantly moving forward. Peter also operates

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