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[ How can a terrible website like this achieve high rankings in Google? ]


This guy claims to be a website marketing expert but his own web site looks like it has been thrown together by a child!

However it was done on purpose...
Click here to see my alternative version

See why this Hertfordshire SEO expert has a really badly designed website...

Anyone would expect an SEO professional to produce a professionally designed website - but here's why this one is so different.

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The stark reality is that your website could be the best looking masterpiece in the worldwide web, but if it isn't optimised (SEO) so that search engines can find it, it is no different than having a masterpiece locked away in a safe or a Bentley languishing in a lock-up garage.

I am the first to admit that my own website is certainly no oil painting but it is purposely NOT designed because I feel it is important to show that website designers and website marketing experts are two different jobs and most good website designers leave website marketing to the experts - and vice-verca.

There are sharks, there are cowboys and it can be a maze, so I've adopted a  'no sell, no pressure approach'. I'll tell you how it is and even share with you how you can do it yourself.

I've been doing this since before Google was born!

21 years marketing websites!

Website traffic is down ?

Dropped Google rankings ?

There are a few reasons why your website is suffering from poor search engine results.

Often it is due to errors in your website, over SEO, lack of SEO or somebody has been tinkering!

DIY SEO and the use of website templates could be to blame and the website owner may not know that it orginated as a mass produced template and is host to fatal flaws that Google doesn't like.

If you have social media pages such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn,  Twitter and they are not working in synergy, this lack of unity can cause you severe problems.

I can take a look and tell you - FREE OF CHARGE - just ask!

If you don't have Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest pages you could be losing a lot of business. If you do have them but don't sync them to work together like cogs in an engine you could still be losing a lot of business and not feeding Google with the right SEO information to boost your own website.

DIY SEO can be more expensive than calling in a website marketing expert due to the duff advice floating around chat rooms and misunderstanding of Google and Bing's confusing demands. Call Peter Yexley on 01727 825 999 to talk about your website. Or email me with your website address and I'll take a look and get back to you.

SEO Expert with a really bad website?

Yes! and this is 100% SOLID PROOF
Badly designed websites can get to NUMBER ONE in Google!

You've found a website marketing expert with a rubbish designed website, isn't that a contradiction in terms?

You might have been expecting a bells and whistles websites with fancy graphics, photos of smiling people (who don't really work for me) and testimonials from fake customers..., sorry - you will not find any on this website. But the photo above is a real picture of me!

Here's the truth

I'm a freelance internet marketer not a graphic artist, there's no hype and I get right to the point.

Tel: 01727 825999

There is no black art, magic or secret when it comes to promoting and marketing websites - just good old fashioned experience collected over 21 years in website marketing.

Internet Marketing & Promoting Websites IN PLAIN ENGLISH

Every industry has a self proclaimed expert or two. The worldwide web abounds with Google Experts, but the real beauty of the 'www' is that everything - and anyone can be verified .

So the next time a self proclaimed website guru or web marketing consultant ( or clueless commission hungry telesales) offers to promote your website - take one simple tip from me before you do anything else - type his/her name in Google and see what you are presented with.

In order that I can work successfully for you, I need to know a little about your business too - please feel free to call me or send me an email with your contact details and I'll happily call you for a quick informal chat.

I'm happy to look at your website and see what SEO problems need to be addressed.

How to get more visitors to your website
 My marketing career spans 30 years or so and my entry into the world wide web came in 1994 when I recognised the internet as being the future for the vast majority of businesses. Submitting to search engines is no longer enough if you want successful internet marketing.

With 21 years of successfully marketing and promoting websites, it is fair to say that I've seen thousands of sites, the good, bad and ugly.

It never surprises me that some of the best, lavish, top designed websites languish in the deep dark depths of Google and some of the very worse (like this website) reach that highly sought after position in Google.

Any genuine Google SEO expert will tell you that there is more to reaching number one than paying a fortune to a website designer and spending worthless hours submitting it to Google or copying dubious internet marketing tactics and promotions.

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How many times have you heard this from so called Google experts...

"We Can Get You To Number One In Google !"

... and they tell everyone the same thing. Not everyone can have that No.1 position in Google .. it's obvious.
There is no black art, no magic tricks, no secret society, no hidden codes, no X-factor.


My name is Peter Yexley by the way, and I am a website marketing expert. If you want to speak to a real person without a sales pitch call me on 01727 825 999 or emaiI me with your contact details and I'll call you.

I PROMISE ...NO SALES PITCH, NO PRESSURE TACTICS, NO 'ONCE IN A LIFETIME' OFFERS. If it is for you, you will ask me to help, If it isn't for you, we'll both move on!

It's difficult to imagine or remember life before Google - yet I've been promoting and marketing websites since before Google was born and I am a genuine internet marketing pioneer.

No matter what you've picked up in chat rooms and forums about SEO - call me!

Tel: 01727 825999

Let's cut through the confusion. rubbish and myths, there are no magic tricks, no silver bullets and special switches or buttons.

Just 21 years experience in SEO and promoting websites.

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The World is full of online marketing consultants and


Internet Marketing Guru

I think it is important that you to learn a little about me, some strategies and basic internet marketing and website optimisation.

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